LA NIÑA ( Film)

feature FILM PROJECT- thriller, sci fi

DirecTOR: Su Montes

SCRipt: su montes


Which is your drug of choice? What do you take to distance yourself from that part of reality you just can’t accept? Is it cocaine, heroin, ecstasy, or marihuana? Sex, booze, gambling, shopping, television, electronic appliances, the internet, or fast-food? Or is it power...? Why does our society desperately seeks out ways to anaesthetize the body and above all the mind? Is it all really too cruel and terrible to confront? Or is it the impossibility of changing those things we don’t like which creates unbearable frustration? And who picks up the tab for a society like ours?


La Niña came looking for me one night, and like a ghost, she entered my life and my home, sitting down on an old piece of furniture I have in my study, dangling her skinny, grubby legs in the air, staring at me with her dark eyes and whispering to me a little awkwardly: Can you hear me? I nodded in reply. Then, she confidently gestured that I follow her, raising her head haughtily in the air, and trapped by her power and with no room for doubts, I went after her.  A door I had never seen before opened before me and we submerged ourselves in her universe together, a brutally shocking and yet strangely magnetic universe. Step by step, my eyes slowly became used to the darkness of those places which deep down I recognized, as deep as that part of me where I had stored the memory away for so many years, in order not to confront them. Afraid that this could be one fight I might not win, I looked in my bag and found my secret weapon; my “magic glasses”. The glasses I put on when I look at those things which make me vulnerable, but which I need to see so that I can go on and tell the tale.


While researching and developing the screenplay, La Niña brought out the best and worst in me. Sometimes that girl still comes to pay a visit, goading me with her icy stare, asking me to bring her to life on the cinema screen.  


Su Montes